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No Smoking Day
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Big day is no. 7 ! 1 week !

Hi everyone! I am on day 7. What gets me thru is that I snack all day long.

I read somewhere that the 3 square meals a day aint gonna work for us. That small meals thru out the day works better! Well, its working for me.

This is what I do: I have beef jerky strips, dried fruit with peanuts in it (tropical mix), and Wethers hard candies-caramel flavor.

Plenty of water all day long. By end of day, I do eat a regular meal. Which is whatever I want. I have seen no weight gain at all.

If I have a spasm or craving, I will have a 4mg lozenge to take off the edge. At nite, about 9pm, I do remove my 21 mg patch (Nicoderm Step 1).

Place new patch back on about 6am. This is working for me. I hope this bit of info will help you too...I plan to be on the 21mg patch for 6 weeks...

then step down to the 14mg patch for another month. So far so good. What really helps me, is there is no one around my job or home that smokes...

I am the last of a dying breed! Excuse the pun! Smoking 2 packs a day, 30 yrs, If I can do it, you can too!!!!! I believe in me! I am determined..

and you have to have this attitude to succeed! I hope this helps! God bless!

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whoop whoop


do you realise how many (including me) failed this milestone in the past?

just think right here right now you are a non smoker and in the words of yazz the only way is up baby for you and me now:).

its ok im not mad just like to make something stick in all heads that will help them stick to quit lol

so end all your posts thinking the only way is up

never quit quitting<<<<<<<<<<<thats mine

jenni x


Yessss ! I feel empowered! I must admit..the patches and the lozenges are the key here for me. The snacks thru out the day help as well.. I have NOT had a major meltdown or anything...I am taking everything 1 day at a time...I want to wake up 1 day in 3 months and just breathe! I am less than 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean...I will treat myself to a nice walk along the beach! Later this year to fly to NC. It will be nice to fly and not be wanting a smoke or being ancy cuz I am craving a smoke..I will be FREE! Thanks for the well wishes!


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