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My tips for helping you stop too! Day 7

Hi everyone! I am on day 7. What gets me thru is that I snack all day long.

I read somewhere that the 3 square meals a day aint gonna work for us. That small meals thru out the day works better! Well, its working for me.

This is what I do: I have beef jerky strips, dried fruit with peanuts in it (tropical mix), and Wethers hard candies-caramel flavor.

Plenty of water all day long. By end of day, I do eat a regular meal. Which is whatever I want. I have seen no weight gain at all.

If I have a spasm or craving, I will have a 4mg lozenge to take off the edge. At nite, about 9pm, I do remove my 21 mg patch (Nicoderm Step 1).

Place new patch back on about 6am. This is working for me. I hope this bit of info will help you too...I plan to be on the 21mg patch for 6 weeks...

then step down to the 14mg patch for another month. So far so good. What really helps me, is there is no one around my job or home that smokes...

I am the last of a dying breed! Excuse the pun! Smoking 2 packs a day, 30 yrs, If I can do it, you can too!!!!! I believe in me! I am determined..

and you have to have this attitude to succeed! I hope this helps! God bless!

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fishermans friends, mantra, frozen grapes and this site works for me.

never quit quitting

jenni x


Hey you play bingo???? IF SO, SO DO I!!!!!! Love it! Day a WOW day...can't wait for Day 14 21 30!!!! Its all good...the statistics say we will try to quit 8 x's before we succeed....ummm I know I have done it about 3 x's now...and this time there is no going back. God bless!


Doncha jus lurrrrve dem statistics?

Eight times is far too many.

Once I've fine tuned this dream-powered quit helmet then once is going to be enough!

..eyes down for a full house... :rolleyes:


Wow. I admire you for your progress. I have failed twice at day 7.

Again it was my sn\moking friends who gave me real hard time while smoking

every minute around me. I could not avoid them that day because of the big game we all saw together...frostrating..

Wilson - bingo paypal

We've already got 'Legs Eleven' this must be 2 fat ladies...apparently there's a propensity on da Forum :eek:


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