Day 2 - Cold Turkey

Hi Folks,

I found this brilliant forum yesterday but was a little apprehensive about posting on day 1 of my quit cause in all honesty I wasnt 100% sure I would get through the day without smoking!

BUT, I did and hey, it wasnt as bad as I'd thought. And, on top of making it through day 1, every cupboard and drawer in my kitchen has been cleaned out lol!! I was amazed at how if I kept busy i didnt even think about smoking. :D

Day 2 - so far my cravings have been manageable, I havent had many at all. However, its my moods that are all over the place. All day Ive had visions of bopping my boss on the head with a large stick just to shut him up lol:eek:

My OH is currently scared to even text cause of "the rage". And quite frankly as an already fiery redhead - i cant blame him!!

On the up side, ive made it to day 2 and couldnt care less if im currently a moody, angry, psycho b* least im a smoke free moody, angry, psycho b*tch. ;)

Roll on day 3


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  • Hi Red and welcome, I am a taurean daughter of a redhead who was born in the year of the ox lol so i hear you.

    well done you :)

    keep up the good work and it will get easier i promise

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Thanks for the support.

    Ive actually made a few attempts recently over the past few months but cant seem to get past days 7-10. It seems to be my mood swings and emotions that get the better of me rather than the cravings.

    Im hoping joining this forum will see me through this time though. :)

  • this forum has been a blessing for me so use it as much as you can or need.

    they dont care if you rant or give advise its awesome, i think it helps just reaching the next room its like a very big shared sticker chart for us quitters :).

    keep going you can do it

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Red80

    Day 114:

    I thought all Scottish were moody, angry, psycho Red heads :) by default.

    Never Quit quitting

  • Only a small unfortunate percentage of us are :p

    That managed to put smile on my face after a looooong day!! it feels like the clock never moves when you stop smoking.

  • Red80

    Day 114:

    Where in Scotland are you? I'm willing to bet its chuffin cold, it always is up there.

    Never quit quitting

  • Just outside Aberdeen and yeah its baltic!!! Which is another reason im happy not be standing outside smoking.

  • Day 114:

    Well my dad used to say "Aberdeen isn't really part of Scotland", he had a sister in-law from there and apparently she was a right hammer house of horrors.

    Never been there, but I did once stay in Braemar for a week during the highland games (1984), I thought we had taken a wrong turning and landed in the Arctic, I do believe this was late August as well.

    Never quit quitting

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