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Day 17 ends

YAHOO kept my head down got on with it ,cold turkey from new years day now never thought this would happen no preparation or anything just fed up with spending so much money on cigs i give the government enough especially after smoking 20 a day for thirty years .Well pleased still have moments tho when the craving starts again i wish these would go away as i am not giving in . CHUFFED WITH MYSELF BUT I MUST STAY STRONG SO I REMAIN CHUFFED AND DONT END UP PUFFED:

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Chris Bee, good for you! End of 17 days for me too. I started on the patch but 3 days ago I went cold turkey. I have the occasional urge but just ignore it This forum and all the people on it really help.

Nope...Not One Puff Ever! (again) Smoke free for 17 days and loving it....ppat


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