Bloomin Back Again.....Here Goes Nothing!!

Well after 4 months of smoke free (last year)Im back on day one...totally messed up before xmas-well from november if I'm honest-so now this is it time for a fresh start-I want to do it-I need to do it-so here goes.

Any well wishers more than welcome-cause I know how tough its going to be and its not going to be pretty!!

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  • good luck, I am sure you can get through it!

  • Each quit gives you new strategies - good luck.

  • Good luck Helen, you will do it this time. You know the pitfalls with giving up cos you've done it fairly recently. Just grit your teeth dig deep and get through the first few days and you'll be back on track again.

    The fact is you are not giving up on giving up you clearly really want to be free of the bloody fags for good.

    When I think about a fag (I'm day ten) I just think god I'm not going through that process of quitting again it's not worth it.

    I gave up for three years and ruined it all by having a fag which led to another one a month later until in no time I was back on 15 a day for four years :eek:

    This time I know there is no such thing as just one. I can't do it , not many people can so just keep going and you will succeed.



  • No Helen today. :(

    She'll be back ;)

  • ahhh not good :( BUT whatever you do dont beat yourself up about it just look at it as experience

    you can do this :)

    onwards and upwards is the only way to go


  • Hi Helen and welcome,

    well done for trying the quit again it will be worth it :).

    dont look back at past attempts that failed and look towards a quit that sticks you be fine.

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Ay am here- not gone missing been at work :)

    Just had tea and felt like a fag BUT instead came on here then off for a bath...Evening is going to be a long one so I'll keep coming on when I feel crap- so thats the majority of my night then I guess :D

  • see that just means you was MIA lol, you will be fine and will feel right at home here.

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

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