No Smoking Day
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I am back, again

Hi everybody. Hope you all had a good christmas and that the new year has been good so far.

Well day 1 again for me as never got started last time.

Whats given me the push now is that I went down with my first ever throat infection last week . Am on the mend now but god did i feel ill. I found that i really didn't fancy a cig so went without any but then had the last few i had yesterday.

This has shown me i don't need them. I have put a patch on just to make sure no cravings arrive and am now nicely on my merry way to being a non smoker.

Will be nipping in and out of here to let you know how i am getting on but i think i going to be ok this time.

I have a really sore mouth at the moment and thirsty any body got any ideas for a nice cool refreshing drink that might sooth it?

Many thanks


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Good to see you here Jane, and good luck with the quit!

Has to be water for you I think, anything else might irritate you more. Water is good though for quitting so drink plenty :)


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