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Day 10 and corrie

Glad today over, not sure if reading a bit of Allen Carr last night and sneaking a good few looks on the forum at work has overloaded my brain a bit with it all.

Saying that no real desire to smoke and can vividly imagine how rubbish it would taste and be if I did.

Just watched corrie, how many of them in half an hour in full 50" plasma HD spark up, whenever they are in the shop the ciggies are always in shot. My kids watch and its not a great example, guess all part of the brainwash, for me no real need for it in this day and age.

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Hey Andrew, me and OH just watched Corrie, we've both stopped and like you couldn't believe how many sparked up......agree not great example maybe we should complain :mad:


yeah but check out the wrinkles on dedrie all around her mouth and eyes, (mine almost non existent now) how long till becky looks the same!!! stinky fag hags lol.

never quit quitting, well done on your quits

jenni x


I noticed that too there is a lot who smoke on corrie but how disgusting does it actually look watching them on tv smoking. It's horrible! They really shouldn't be allowed to show people smoking on family shows. Plus that's when you start thinking about a fag too. I always wonder if the actors are trying to stop in real life then get asked to smoke for the show...? We should send corrie the link to this forum and ask them to sort it out lol


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