No Smoking Day
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Breath of fresh air

What a fantastic feeling, just walked to the shops, car blown up and off the road....

Mile and a half round trip completed and I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed it! I wasn't out of breath or wheezy when I got back what a wonderful feeling!!!

The fact it's a beautiful sunny, crisp winter day helped, not sure I would have found it so much fun in the wind and rain.

Keep positive everyone :D

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Brilliant isn't fact I almost feel sorry for people who have never smoked because they won't get to experience all this :p. It is wonderful going out into the crisp cold mornings and taking in huge lungfuls of clean cold air...

And it's fun even in the wind and rain because you won't be trying to light up a fag :rolleyes:


great post Sara:D

i love these sorts of days and its so nice to breathe and not cough also realised that ive not had to order an inhaler like i normally do through the winter months as im normally plagued with chest infections that just dont go away :D

hope your car is soon back on the road


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