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No Smoking Day
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Just into Day 2

Well I'm here!

Didnt sleep very well last night, lots of night sweats. This morning was easier than I thought it would be, but it has been difficult at work today. Keep wanting to sneak off.

I've been wavering between cold turkey and NRT, but today has seen me sucking lozenges like there's no tomorrow!!

I'm STARVING too!!! I did bring in a supply of carrot and celery sticks, but I honestly could eat a mountain of food!

Off to a 'Quitters' session tonight. Not sure what the format will be, but it will only be a 1/2 hour of my life and if it keeps me on the straight and narrow then it must be worth it.

Do I feel confident? No, not particularly, but this has to be done someday.:o


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Confidence boost

Hey Shelliep

Give yourself a huge pat on the back, one for making the decision to quit, secondly for getting through the first day.

As for confidence, sometimes it's better not to fall into the confidence trap and then falling like a stone when you realise it isn't as easy as you first thought.

Grab yourself a copy of the Allen Carr Easyway book, it makes sense and might help with keeping positive.

Good that you've got healthy snacks, but you know what, in that first long week, I figure it's ok to treat yourself and worry about the food bit later.

Keep going before you know it, you'll be into week 2



hi, well done on day 2 for me was a milestone in itself,, i am now on day 7 which i still struggle to believe i woul do, if you had never smoked and read this forum you would think we were all barking mad.. but it really is a hard habit to rid yourself of.

as a smoker of 30yrs the more i read this forum the more confident i have got and the last 7 days have now it seems flown by. there are some very positive stories and posts on here that can make the difference. plus i saved £31. already well i would of done if i hadnt spent it on the take away curry being delivered tonight.

good luck


Thanks for your comments, it really helps!

Sara... I watched the YouTube videos last night (I found a link on here) so today all I have been thinking of is the little nicotine monster having an itch!

I prefer to do healthy snacks as I lost quite a lot of weight almost two years ago...as long as I keep my stomach full!!

Kmh...good on you! Your posts are so honest and inspiring. Hope that you enjoyed the takeaway?!

Update: joined the gym as my 'treat'. I exercise most days and currently aiming for a 10k. One of my reasons for quitting.

Went to the Quitters venue but couldn't find anyone.

Got a mouth spray! Started to feel a bit bloated with lozenges. Loving the mouth spray, very strong but definitely effective.



Hi and welcome to the madhouse :), well done for taking that huge ginormous step to pink lungs, sweet smelling you and loadsa money, its a rollercoaster ride but we all got tickets so hold fast and good luck you will be fine.

we all here to help and recieve help, never quit quitting

jenni x


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