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No Smoking Day
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Day 8 - sore teeth

Has anybody else experienced really sore teeth? I particularly have one side that is really sore, i am unsure if it is coincidentle that I have this due to stopping smoking or if it is just sore teeth in general.

So happy to be in Week 2 forum. I have replaced munchies with sugar free home made ice lollys which I eat/suck/lick at night watching tv to keep my mouth and hands occupied. that sounds rude...lol :p

Enjoying reading other posts and relating to them - thanx everyone and we are all in this together! :D

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Well done, 9J ;)

That aside you mention about sore teeth. Nicotine masks dental problems and it could be now that you've stopped you are actually seeing/feeling any underlying problems.

But, I'm not a dentist and the best advice would be that if it persists you make an appointment with the dentist to get things checked out. Best to have peace of mind.

Do keep reading, there is oodles of information available.

Keep on keepin' on,




Well done on your quit :D

I had problems with my teeth when I first quit. Dentist said it was due to the blood circulating properly again and that it would stop hurting within the first few weeks - he was right. Pain stopped after 3 weeks and not had a problem since.

I would say that if you are worried just call or drop in to see your dentist and they can reassure you :D


I did have sore teeth for quite a few weeks but thought it was from chewing the inhalator, it has completely gone now so perhaps it is due to increased blood supply?? I did read that smoking has the same effect on humans as when a piece of salmon is smoked, it forms a thin crust around gums and throat :eek:

Upside is when you quit your gums etc heal and lose the crust, therefore it becomes a little more sensitive than we are used to as it's fresh growth and much softer. Pretty yuk really but that one article has stopped me falling off the wagon numerous times. If I want a cig I think of my old crusty smoked gums and it soon passes ;)


I've made a dental appointment but the sore teeth/gums have went away :) this quit is getting better and better! :D day 11 today already x


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