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Day 16, bring it on

Well I am still here on Day 16 - even though I have turned 53 today and all I want to do to celebrate it is - not to have a fag! (Betcha you thought I'd say I wanted one, eh???)

The only really bad crave I seem to get now is the first thing in the morning but I am going for longer periods now where I don't think about ciggies.

My cough has all but disappeared - which is wierd as I thought it would get worse, not better.

Still breathless - but this is a small price to pay.

Have not really missed those 320 odd cigs that I would have smoked!

Have even got a bit more energy than I normally have!

Cold turkey, bring it on!!!!

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your doing so well are you going out to celebrate your special day :)

whatever you do hope its a great day


right here with you pixie, Happy Birthday by the way, things starting to get a little easier, craving are definatly dwindling like you said, cant wait to hit the month target


THANK YOU very much for the Birthday wishes

Carol, thank you for being around on every step of my journey, very much appreciated, thank you xx

No, not going out tonight (have to be in Birmingham early tomorrow) but will be painting the town red next weekend! And it will be even better as I won't have to keep bobbing outside for a fag!

Craiglios, Yes, roll on the month!!!! - its not that far down the line! We'll get there quicker than we think xx


happy birthday and well done with your quit, buy yourself a b'day pressie with money saved (i would).

keep going you will get there

jenni x


Well done

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear smoke free pixie, happy birthday to you :d


Ditto to what every one else has said. Happy birthday to you and you have already given yourself the very best present ever!!! Hope this is your very best birthday EVER!!!! ppat


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