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meltdown blues

Bloody hell,I have just had an hour of hell.I think I am having a meltdown from hell.Took kids,hubby down to the beach.It was a mess.The kids were fighting the whole time,I cracked it,packed everything up ,we come home.Hubby shitty cause he wanted and didnt get a swim,kids shitty cause I got upset,baby crying cause tired.What the hell,how do I bloody change myself when everything around me is chaos.I feel like I am gunna snap,I had a drag on hubbys smoke,now I feel like even more crap.All my hard work wasted,and why does it have to be so bloody hard.:)

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Hey, just try and relax, do not let that one drag mean you are back to smoking! Some days are just like that! If you can, try and avoid anything stressful the first few weeks. I have four kids under 12 at the house, and a few days I just told my OH "you are on your own, or dead, your choice", he wants me to quit so bad, so was more than willing to let me go hide in our bedroom. I would literally lie there and cry, but now, do not think about cigs too often. Try and get through the first few weeks anyway possible!


The nicitine-demon will get into any situation because its in your head. :confused: You have got to develop strategies that will enable you to cope in different triggers. Believe it or not you are sub-consciously trying to set up pressure on yourself and situations so that someone will say "for gods sake, have a cigarette". :eek:

Buggar that. If you want to get angry aim it at the demon and tell it to go forth and multiply. :cool:


Personally whilst I take a lot of the Allen Carr stuff with a pinch of salt there are some good messages in there whether you're following his program or not.

That's what helped me last week (and I'm on Champix), which was reminding myself that smoking itself was stressing me out and that, actually, it was "easy" to stop.

Don't get me wrong, some days are easier than others to abide by these rules! But if you fall off, get straight back on... you'll get there.


I felt like that yesterday too! It was horrible. It's helpful to know I'm not the only one. Hope you have an easier time of it today x:)


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