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Hello everyone,

I am part way through day 1.

For a while now I have really wanted to stop smoking, but at the same time reluctant to give up the 'pleasure'. Sorry if this sounds strange.

My children and husband are all desperate for me to give up, so this afternoon they have all recorded me a message so that I can listen in weak moments.

I'm starting to feel a bit of an urge at the moment and it would be incredibly easy for me to pop outside.

So, for the record, these are my reasons:

I want to stop coughing in the morning

I want to still be alive in 20 years and have a happy, healthy retirement with my husband

I want to be a good example to my children

I want my children to know that I have listened to them

I want to run a 10k race in October

I don't want to die in my 40's from a heart attack, stroke or cancer

I don't like the wrinkles that I am seeing, so don't want to make it any worse

I do want my husband to enjoy kissing me

I don't want my life governed by a little stick, that never bothered me before I found it 12 years ago

And finally..... I want to prove that I can do it.

See you in day 2.


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