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Day 9 Hangover


I had a theory that no smokes would mean I wouldnt get as drunk, That theory now out the window, wedding was fun and boozy bad hangover today. Lots of people fagging it at the wedding, good smoking place, outside veranda bit with heaters. Didnt really bother me, just kinda intrigued me watching them, the rituals, the nipping out between courses for a sneaky one.

Had a bit of paranoia with my memory loss that I might have gone and nicked one, but sure I didnt and but looking back didnt really bother me at all. It was nice this morning in hotel not having to go down 10 floors to get out for one.

Back to work tomorrow not a nice thought without, but one day a a time the motto

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Nice one for resisting, would have been so easy to have one a quick one at a wedding after a few beers, as for hotels, whenever Id staying in one and if there was coffee in the room I used to hang out of the window with my coffee :p

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