No Smoking Day
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A nights sleep at last! Why hello 2wk forum didnt think I would ever see you:)


Well last night I had my first proper sleep in a week! hurrah I am still normal and still have the ability to dream. Yesterday was a struggle a lot going on and many reasons to give in, well we thought so anyway. Not sure if leaving your coat somewhere and forgetting it is a good enough excuse, Mr Nick O Teene tseemed to think so.

My partner and I have both given up so a lot of mind games were played to see who was going to be the weekest link. This weekend there have been no loosers only winners yippee. No smoking or wine have passed our lips which for us was unheard off. We are going into the unknown now. Cravings have eased off a little and feel I am getting stronger willed as each day passes.

Not sure if anyone else is the same but I seem to have a new addiction and its this site!

Keep on going peeps, we can do it! :D

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Great milestone for both you and your partner, SurferChick :cool:

Do keep reading and getting to a better understanding of the changes that are happening whilst you transition from unhealthy smoker back to pink lungs. This is a journey, there will be some rocks along the route, but no-one said you can't enjoy blasting them with some TNT to smooth things out. The best type of (metaphorical) TNT is education and you'll get loads here on this site as well as in the links on mine and others' sigs.

Keep on keepin' on :)



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