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Day 7 - the effects smoking has had on me

Hi all, well im on day 7 and thought i would pop on this morning and read some posts. woke up early for a sunday mainly due to the fact my teeth/gums are really sore. i look after my teeth and i know this is a side effect of stopping. also the amount of gunk i am coughing up is a great encouragement not to smoke again, its disgusting. Walked past someone yesterday who was smoking and couldnt resist a "smell" and i actually thought it was horrible - result!! other quits i have liked the smell of second hand smoke. i am going to do it this time :D looking forward to visiting week 2 forum tomorrow.

well done to everyone getting through one day at a time:D

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I am now on Day 7! Feel pretty good...some of my smell has come back. I used to could not smell anything, unless right up on it! I am using the patch (Step 1 4mg). I take it off around 9 or 10pm every a new patch on about 6am. If I have a craving, and its a bit loud per say, I will take a lozenge under the tongue. 4mg. 1/2 thru, I have to spit it out. I am done. I read that you need to snack or have 5 little meals as opposed to only 3 per I do snack all day...beef jerky strips...dried fried w/ peanuts...Wethers hard candie...LOTS of water too! I am making it! This can be done! WOW Day 7! :)

4mg Nicoderm Patch

4mg Nicoderm Lozenge (Only when necessary)


Start date Jan 11 2012 Wed.

30 or so odd years of SMOKING!

Last time I stopped was in March 2006.



wtg both of you what an achievement!

keep up the good work

never quit quitting

jenni x


Thanks for being a CHEERLEADER! We need all the help we can get!

Life happens and we think we need a I just saw a huge spider! I am afraid of them critters! 1 just ran across my desk! Any other time I would be outside with a cigarette for sure! I now have a lozenge under the tongue! Yeahhhhhh!!!!


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