well still here at day 4

Made it to day four,no huge meltdowns,limbs still intake and kids still talking to me,though I have been rather snappy.:eek:

I wrote a poem to my smokes,so here goes;


Dear Ciggies,

The time has come

For you to leave

For me to stay

My lungs to breathe

It's been so long

About 15 years

We've been together

Through blood,sweat and tears

With my weezing lungs

My hacking coughs

You've been with me with every puff

But now I see

You're not really a friend to me

You cheated on me

Lied to me

Pretended to help me

All along it was ME who just could not see....


So now I've come to say goodbye

I'm leaving you

On my oxygen high

You've been replaced

With the breathe of life

This my friend is a TRUE friend

Who gives life,,,,,and doesn't steal from me.

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