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day 9, what a day!

As title says, day 9 and the worst so far. I could have quite easily driven to the shop and bought a pouch. I was horrendous, I have had to apologise to my kids and husband for my outbusrt...It came from no-where.... ANGER!!!! After my rant I promptly burst into this at all normal after 9 days?? I really do feel like crap, I'm tired all the time, yet sleeping like a baby. I have no energy whatsoever and am eating loads :eek:

Does it get any easier? Truthfully??

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It takes time though. It's an ongoing process of mental realignment, overcoming triggers and learning to live without the cigarettes. You have/had so many associations with smoking at given moments, good and bad. It doesn't happen overnight and you will have bad days, but you have to hang tough when they happen and keep going, one day at a time.

As the days and weeks go on it becomes easier and easier, because most of those associations will have been broken. The emotional rollercoaster settles down too, you'll be glad to hear.

Keep posting on this forum, it's a godsend. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Don't panic, it won't be this painful forever. And be proud, you're doing a GOOD THING.

Helen x


That's how I feel today, my children want to know when the old mummy will return!!!

I wonder how long it lasts, days weeks months..?!!

Hang in there, hopefully we will be back to normal at some point! The anger though is just horrible though isn't it :eek:


It's perfectly normal to be emotionally unstable at day 9....I have the odd emotional day and I'm on day 80+.....but it really is the "odd" day now. it does get better....I'd say the first two weeks were the worst for the angry/teary feelings to subside. Honestly you're doing wonderfully....better to have a crabby mum for a few weeks than no mum at all....Harsh but true.

Keep with the quit.

Lisa x


Oh yea. Week 2 is a bit of a roller coaster! It doesn't so much last weeks or months. It just happens less frequently over time.


Keep on keeping on

Morning All

You've all given me a blast from the past with your feelings this morning and I do remember but thankfully 2 & 1/2yrs later not so clearly.

It does get better, just keep your head down and don't whatever you do give in to the nicodemon, the little **** is trying every trick in the book to con you back into smoking.

Think back over the last 9 days, did you think you'd get through day 1 or a week even. Tommorrow you'll all have quit for 10 days and each day it gets a little easier. Those bad times (which for me were first thing in the morning, food, boredom and any emotion) you'll learn to anticipate and then eventually the craving won't even come.

Have a read of some whyquit info, especially around addiction, knowing what to expect is half the battle.

Read read read

Onwards and upwards

Also for inspiration try woofmang, who's blog is also in my signature along with whyquits - just click and you'll be transported away .....


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