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well here I am

Made it to day 3,yeah for me,thanks to lisa42 and codename boo for your encouraging words.Went to bed very early last night,having wicked nightmares,not nice.On the plus side,my kids are still talking to me,but think hubby has lost his patience with me.All around I feel a little bit more stable than yesterday,at least I am not angry(yet).I am thinking I need to replace the smoking that I have given up with something else,I still feel as though something is missing,or I have lost something and I dont know what or where it is.So heres a cheers to day 3,and a hope the day prevails with little screaming and less frustration than last two days.Goodluck to all on this journey of life without a cigarette.

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Good for you mumtwo3 to making it to day 3, glad I could help :)

Crikey boo has 5 kids well there's the expert right there huh! I've been thinking of what to replace the cigarettes with too and I've decided it's going to be something for mums need some "me" time once in a while so whether it's going out with friends to the cinema, shopping with my mum, or going to a fitness class every week I think it's important we allow time for ourselves especially you and deserve it. Hope you both get the time.

The feeling that you have lost something will go in time mumtwo3...honestly I felt exactly the same...the lost feeling will go as you slowly forget about smoking (only time will allow this to happen, you can't make it come any have to wait I'm afraid). It's funny, over the weeks I'm kinda having to get used to myself again....sounds weird I know. But I'm having to cope emotionally to situations where before I probably would have walked away and had a I have to deal with stuff, I usually end up nearly crying but at least I'm dealing with things. I'm sure smoking, in a way ennabled you to run off and hide and not to confront the hard things in life. Anyway, I'm glad I'm meeting things more head on now as I feel I'm getting stronger as a person. Hope this is're doing great.



Well I have made it to late afternoon with no serious meltdowns,woo hoo.Am so very sleepy.Took the kids for a walk to the shops,killed some time,burned some energy.It felt good to breathe.I have been thinking about the last few quit attempts.My last one seemed so easy compared to this time.I was sick,didnt even tell anyone,then turned around 4 days later and said,"Um hello,not one person has noticed that I havent had a cigarette in 4 days".,and it was so easy,I just didnt think about it,I focused on getting better and filling my lungs with air.Three months I lasted,I felt myself weakening.Started to forget my reasons for quitting,stopped reading about people quitting,I got too comfortable.Things got tough,had a particularly bad few days,started to feel I couldnt cope,tricked myself into thinking I needed something,anything to cope.That I even deserved it because life was so crap,and there was my excuse.I lit up.Three months of good behaviour gone.Damn I regret it now.


Doing great mumtwo3. To help me along I just keep dipping in to A Carr's book to remind me the pitfalls of the weed. I have started to highlight his main points in each chapter to save time. I wonder if it feels more difficult this time for you because you are more determined? :)


Hey Dicko,yes I think u may be spot on there,I am more determined and making much more of a conscious effort.Last time I was very sick so really felt I had no choice.Perhaps because now I have choice and have chosen Not to smoke its harder.I have read Allen Carrs book twice and found it invaluable,I think I will pull it out and have another looky.So far this evening I feel good,gotten thru day three and feel as though I got my smile back.I have been very silly with the kids,doing things I normally dont do like I was dancing in the shops and totally embarrassed my daughter but I know she was laughing.I was singing at the top of my lungs in the have an excess of nervous energy,but its positive and i much rather this than the anger from the last two days.Onwards and upwards from here.


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