No Smoking Day
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So So

Day 7 in to quitting using 24 hr patches. Day 1 realised and remembered from last time that sleep a problem and now take off prior to bed. Been waking up early and having the weird and wacky dreams. Been ok in the week bit tired and on the patches you just think of fags but dont crave. Really enjoyed the not sneaking about and been out running (1st time in 3 years). :)

This morning woke at 4.30 am, couldnt find my pre opened patch on bedside table, dosed and eventually got up at 6.30, put it on then but had the dreaded just the one swirling in my head. 10 mins later bought 10 screwed 9 into the bin outside shop and puffed half. Wot a muppet:(. Hopefully part of the process and the memory of christ it was not worth it will stick with me. 139 1/2 less fags than I would normally have had in aweek and hoping will give me strength

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