Cold Turkey Day 7

In 21 hrs time I'm at the exact starting quit with a full week gone by and although I've had the Ill's, craves, sleepless, chest and all the rest that we all get in week one, reaching this has given me such a great kick I'm buzzing off it, I know I've still got a good couple of months to go some hell some heaven but I already feel like I've got the noose around that little monster shit and I'm the one that can kick the stool from underneath it although he'll struggle and do his best before he dies in a couple of months time, after 15.30 tomorrow afternoon I'm eligable for week 2 and I'll be there tomorrow night, please anyone on days 1-6 and are having any doubts please please keep going and don't go back to having to start again that smokey hell hole, I'm far from it but getting further one day at a time :).

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  • Forgot to add, this is my 4th attempt at a proper quit so its not been plain sailing, kinda a big wall that i just kept running at that not seems to be starting to crumble i did say in post 1 in day 1 that its the first attemp with a smoking forum and it could be the key, and so far it is. :)

  • keep up the good work sfx!!!! you are doing great!!!

  • 2 weeks here we come! congrats :D

  • Great stuff Steelfixer, really positive. It's amazing what a boost getting to the end of your first week gives you. Ride the positivity wave to the end of week 2!!!! great stuff.

    Hey Karri....tried to PM you but can't seem to. Hope you're OK! Just wanted to stay, don't give up on giving can do it, I know this....don't ask me how but I just do.

    Lisa x

  • Thanks all for the supportive posts :)

  • OK bud

    Pleased you are doing so well. Have you tried reading A Carr's book?

  • Not the book but I've watched the 5 you tube vids that s17 posted in day 1, they went a long way :)

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