No Smoking Day
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Time for me to try again

Stopped last week for 3 days but after a massive argument and mental health issues I had to start.

Smoke my last ciggy about an hour ago and that was my last.

I notice when I smoke I start to get all sorts of random pains in my body, fir on my tounge, headaches, generally feel worthless and feel like I'm killing my body. Although, I sleep much better when I smoke :/ Maybe that was the withdrawal symptoms causing the sleep issues before.

I've now learnt to channel my frustration through music. So rather than causing silly arguments with my gf and getting annoyed I will sit in my studio and make some music. Or, play my playstation.

I am determined to do it this time. I have to! I want to feel fresh again!

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keep at it Joo,

Haven't been on for a while since falling off the wagon good style while on holiday last year.Have now got things right in my head again and have just smoked my last cig at 9.30pm.This time its for good with no doubts!

Whatever helps music, exercise etc it can only be better.Setting a short term (4 mths) goal the last time was where i went wrong as i didnt set myself another before reaching it.Bring it on and good luck to both of us Joo!!


Of course that doesn't look like spam Poymiy, or your other 4 posts saying similar ;)


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