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Day 4 and the dog looks lost

Well day four has arrived of being a non smoker and so far its not been the hell i have always imagined. There was a couple of hours on the third night when it was best not to talk to me as as far as i could tell the only words i could produce were fag , smoke , fag , smoke.. but it soon passed by switching off and glaring at the telly intently.

Enjoy would be the wrong word but i wish like possibly thousands of smokers i had tried this stopping mullarkey before, i know it is early days but i have saved myself £20 ish already .

On a minor downside the family Dog is totally confused, He has it seems over the last few years learnt that when the kettle boils then the back door opens and then he and myself have a stroll around the garden. Its a pathetic site the poor mutt sitting facing the back door then glancing at me to go with him.. so my non smoking could result in a slightly porky dog . I can hear the vet now,, your dogs obese , Me yes i know its because i dont smoke.

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Poor dog :(

lol your post made me laugh....I have a cat who everytime I used to go into the kitchen for a ciggie would ask for food and is the size of bagpuss!!

Good luck, your doing really well :D




perhaps there should be a thread for smoking and the effect on your pets. we are a nation of animal lovers after all.

thanks for your good wishes.


well done on staying smoke free :)

i did watch a programme a while ago which focused on pets and smoking and it wasnt good for the pets especially as there lungs are so much smaller and if your smoking with them sitting on your lap or beside you its scary really :eek:

mind you its abit like small kids really when i was growing up it never entered my parents or older siblings mind to even think about not smoking in front of us smaller kids my younger brother was always poorly with a chest infections and was suffered quite badly with ashma but back then nothing was ever said that it might be down to being in a smokers house

he smokes himself now but if he has been out drinking and smoking loads his chest starts wheezing and he has trouble breathing im hoping he will become smoke free in the future but he has to find his own way there like we all have to


Hi carol62, well done youself ..

sadly your probably right about asthma causes, but as we know its only in the last ten years or so that it has been less acceptable almost taboo to smoke indoors when children are around.

I have never smoked indoors well only for a breif few months when i had my frst flat.. but that stopped after a party when you couldnt see through the smoke even the next day. i never thought it was a great hardship to nip outside myself.

I have two children who detest smoking and I have never considered smoking indoors or in the car when they are around. there grandmother has smoked for an eternity and still smokes indoors so much so that the children hate going to see her . she believes if she only smokes in the kitchen then its not an issue but we all know it stll stinks and everything smells stale etc

anyway the dog will be taking up jogging shortly , once i have a bit more lung power ! though i havent told him yet.

thanks again kmh


It seems our poor pets are suffering more than us!

My little Staffie has had to develop a strong bladder as me and OH only go in the kitchen once now after dinner for an evening cuppa. We were in and out every half hour smoking before. She has developed a strategy though, she goes out and stays out for ages now instead of loads of short trips round the garden. Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks ;)


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