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Longest week known to man Day 7 yipeee!

Morning all,

I never thought I would make it to this day, didnt help having insomnia which felt like it was giving me extra days on top to cope with. Sneaky.

All week I have had two songs battling it out in my head. Kd langs constant craving verses sometimes I get a good feeling! My minds been on overdrive. Im so glad this day is here feels like such an acheivement. I am off to treat my self to a new hair cut which I must say I am enjoying this excuse to treat your self, it works with everthing! chocolates and all....yum! :rolleyes:

Thank you for your support and I know the real challenge is ahead but im feeling more positive each day. Well done everyone else for kicking the habit and thank you for the support means a lot. :)

Enjoy your smoke freeiiday! :)

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thats a great post and you certainly deserve to treat yourself just think you wilbe able to buy lots of treats as you will have loads of cash just remember to keep it seperate and you wilbe amazed how quickly it mounts up

i took alook at the price of a pack of baccy the other day :eek: my god there is know way i would be able to afford that now and a price of a pack of ciggies is unreal no wonder this country is going through a recession that and the price of petrol :rolleyes: tich

have you got any plans for the weekend?



Fantastic achievement!!

Have a great day and weekend being smokefree




I know its so expensive. I dont know how I could afford it, you know its bad when you raid your 2p box to buy filters and papers. bad times lol

I am off out walking in the countryside, enjoying the new experiance of being able to see and smell everything properly where as before I would have had my head in my bag looking for filters or had my head in a cloud of smoke.:rolleyes:

Are you up to anything nice?


its a beautiful day out there today saw on the news that all the spring bulbs are coming up earlier then normal as its been so mild enjoy :)

ive got my grandson coming to stay later :D i love spending time with him between him and his little brother who has never known nanny to smell they help to keep me smoke free

onwards and upwards :)


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