No Smoking Day
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Day 13

So close to 2 weeks! Cant believe it really. Time hasn't exactly flown by as I have been counting the hours since my quit.

Tiredness is getting better. Struggling to get to sleep and get weird dreams when I do but getting used to it now. I am not really getting any serious cravings at the moment although I am hungry most of the day but trying to keep that under control.

Going to have a relaxing weekend, sleep loads and eat plenty of healthy stuff. Hopefully by Monday, I will see more benefits and can really call my self a non smoker!

Hope all are well and have a great weekend!

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You're doing great mate, 13 days without a smoke is brilliant, keep going because before you know it days will turn to months etc.


Hey Ben..hope ur doing 13 yipee..!

I still cant shift the tiredness either..starting to get an addiction to coffee in place of the ciggies :(

Side effects seem to be disappearing and cravings are non existent,cant believe it...just dreading week 3 as people have told me it gets worse again x


WOW you are all doing great. Enjoy a smoke free weekend :D


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