Day 12, oh yeah!

Just to let you know I am still around and still haven't given in to the rotten little demon who keeps saying, just one won't hurt. I just finished Allen Carr's book so I know it will...........

Last couple of days have been harder than when I first quit but I guess I am now on the winning side!

Have learnt to crochet - chain only so far but hey, its great for keeping your hands occupied!!!!

Hope all my fellow quittees are still doing well and send you my best wishes

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  • Pixie, I am also on day 12! It feels great! I keep repeating my new manta...NOPE! That gets me past any urges....hang in there....ppat

  • Great to hear you have made it to day 12 : D just think in 2 days time you wulbe into two weeks


    And before you know it a month has gone :eek:

    Your doing really well i know those horrible cravings do your head in atm try to think of them as very annoying kids

    Crochet is a good way to pass the time

    Onwards and upwards


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