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Day Four - one piece of advice :)


Hi all, just joined..:)

Only piece of advice i got just now for those struggling is to think about how great you are going to feel the next day if you get through a bad craving. I have had cravings so bad in the past that i have argued with myself for hours over whether to buy them or not. Once you calm down and talk yourself out of it, the next day you actually feel amazing and so proud. The cravings will ease in time but take each one at a time and do anything not to smoke (eg eat, cry, walk, scream, clean something, phone a friend).

Just keep thinking to yourself this will pass soon and they do and they get easier in time. POSITIVE THINKING

I have relapsed so many times last year but this quit is my final - new me in 2012 :D I have joined this so I can chat and see the weeks mount up and basically reward myself like a wee sticker chart lol

Best of luck to you all

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:D thats a great post well done on getting to day 4

Staying positive is def the right way to be

Onwards and upwards is the way to go :D

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