No Smoking Day
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6 days non smoker :D

Hi, Im new to this. I decided to give up 6 days a ago and wrote this letter to help me, it was a bit like a break up letter. If any ones having negative thoughts about quitting try writing it down it seemed to help me. Although I wasnt prepared for the withdraw systems which are horrid! Well here goes heres my letter apologies for the spelling etc and it is a bit cheesy :D

I say goodbye to you my close and longest standing friend.

You have stuck with me through thick and thin and the funny and sad.

Sometimes I wonder if you were ever a help or a hinder?

You have helped me to so******e with some interesting characters over the years who I never would have spoke to not being in that sheltered inn.

You gave me false confidence and convinced me I needed you and I couldn’t do certain things with out you by my side.

It is time for me to say goodbye as I am good to you but you are definitely not good for me.

You have seen me this far but I hope that our friendship will now end and you will leave me no lasting memories or effects.

From the first moment we met I wished it had never happened. Some things in life you can’t change from the past gone by but only I can change my future and there is no time for you anymore.

I’m not sad, I should have said this sooner. I am strong and can stand on my own two feet unaided. Will power is my new best friend who only has my best interests at heart unlike you ever did. So this is what freedom tastes like and I love it!

Goodbye, I am not sad and will not cry.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope you are having a great smoke free day!

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Oh WOW Surfer Chick that letter could've been from me :eek:

Well done you on your decision to quit.

Have an enjoyable smoke free day :)


That is a great post and should get everyone who reads it nodding in agreement

Well done on quitting :)

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Ive rated it with five stars



Same day as me lol, great read as well, put to perfection :) keep going, one day at a time.


well done for quitting. smoking was only ever a substitute for a loving friend real friends dont choke yo and amputate your legs. well some do but thats cos thir nasty and we let them.

smoking definately sucks.. the life out of you you end up with sunken cheeks and look like a howler monkey, not attractive.

well done. m


Day 6 is like super GREAT! I too am @ #6...Tomorrow is 1 week!I am doing the patch...with an occassional nicorette logenze (spelling)..I snack all day long..on beef jerky strips...peanuts w/ dried fruit...Lots of WATER!!! Sometimes a Wethers hard candy... I do take the patch off @ nite.

I had 2 nites of bad now I am good to go. I smoked 2 packs a day..UGHHHH..It ruled my life and I said ENOUGH!!!! I don't drink or have any

other issues..and this was my 1 VICE..and I know it would kill me! Still might, but at least my last days I will be smoke FREE! I am a 50 yr old female. Its time to give it up! What is really helping is that no one @ work smokes and no one @ home either... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :D


6 days! Brilliant. The worst is already over.


That's a great letter, so true :)

Day 6 here too x


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