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Day twelve – not easy today


Hi folks, I have been lurking on this forum for the past week now and I must say I have found it very helpful. I am determined that this will be my final quit after 2 failed attempts in 2011.

I am quitting cold turkey and so far it has been okay, a few bad days and the usual side effects but nothing unexpected or to difficult to deal with until today!!!:mad:

I have been in work since around 7:30 and all I can think about is having just 1 ciggy trying to convince myself that it will be okay to have just the one even though I know from previous attempts that 1 leads to 2 and so on before ill be back smoking 10 a day.

If someone had offered me one at around 9 this morning I fear I would have jumped at the chance and smoked it all. Thankfully no one in this office smokes and I have been online reading here and on Why quit which has helped somewhat. I thought things are supposed to get easier but for me this is by far the toughest day yet. I know I will get through it I just hope tomorrow is easier.

Good luck to all.

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Well done on Day 12

If I remember correctly I also battled around day 12, I found sipping water NON STOP was the only thing that helped, yea I peed like a race horse but it helped, plus I think it hand a cleansing affect.

After 12 day you are throught he worst of it, your body now need to learn what to do with no smoking find something to keep it busy will also help :)

Regard Gary

First of welcome to the forum Jock

And second


Your doing so well the reason the cravings are strong is because that nic demon you have inside you is starting to realise that your not giving him what it wants :(

It does get weaker you just have to keep mind and hands busy till it passes sipping water helps alot of people

Try and keep positive and think you wilbe in the two week room in 2 days : D

Onwards and upwards is the way to go


Hey Jock,

Hows it going? I'm on day 12 as well, so well done mate for getting this far, I've had a tough few days & especially last evening, just hang in there and keep reading other peoples posts, its helping me!!:D

Day 12 ers

Well done to all that have reached day 12, which includes my self and my husband. you have all come this far so carry on one day at a time,


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