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Dont Miss Smoking !


It just occurred to me that I have not thought of smoking or had a crave for about 20 odd days :)

My OH is still amazed that I have made it this far without a SINGLE puff!

Hate to say it but since I stopped smoking i hate the smell of a smoker, when my OH talks to me, I have to turn my head due to the smell IT STINKS!, anyone else in the same position as me?

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Hi and well done on your quit.

my hubby doesnt smoke so now when my fag ash lil daughter comes round i know how ive made my hubby feel for years when i smoked YUK.

i used to wash my hands and have a mint to try not to smell as bad i now see that made no difference to how stinky i was lol.


LOL I know what you mean, I cant handle the smell it stinks and it make me feel nauseous, I litteraly have to turn my head when she talks to me.

My OH still smokes and tries to cover it up with deodorant and perfume (and lots of it!!!). I beginning to hate the sickly sweet smell...takes 3/4 seconds to hit my nose when she comes back from a 'fresh air break!!!'

Ditto Dave also masked with gum, spearmint and peppermint!

And to think I swore I would never become one of those REFORMED EX smokers, I now know exactly where they were coming from!

Its def not a nice smell wtf i used to love that smell :eek:

Glad to read your now not even thinking of smoking for weeks

BUT dont get complacement that nic demon is crafty and will try and tempt you in other ways

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

I still quite like the smell at the moment but I'm only early days into my am hoping this will change

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