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Fear of forgetting

If this sounds stupid I apologise in advance but I have had this overwhelming sense of fear, fear of forgetting what it was like to smoke, fear of living life as someone who doesn't smoke, fear that I will be a different person - oh my goodness I know that I have been a bit scared of this quit but I must say that this thought actually made me feel quite panicy, like something was clenching my heart, how strange?

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Dont worry its normal.............

Hi tinkerbell, please dont worry i felt exactly the same way and its just the nicodemon trying to lure you back making you feel like you've made a mistake or like when you go shopping and there is that nagging doubt that you have forgotten something or when you havent checked your bank balance for a while and panic that you will get to till and wont have enough money to pay.

ring any bells? look in the mirror (seriously) smile at your reflection and say im a non smoker!!!! sounds daft i know but it gave me the positive reinforcement i needed and made me laugh and raise my eyebrows at how daft i was.

keep going you can do it

jenni x


Thats a narural reaction after all smoking has been apart an extension of you and to a degree in a sense its like having a part of you chopped of

You are starting anew phase in your life and even though its not going to be easy to start with but your mind will change its mindset and once that happens then these feelings will go away

I hope ive helped you and not confused you :eek:


Hi Jenni and Carol, thank you for your replies, advice and encouragment...and Carol no you haven't confused me although it doesn't take a lot to confuse me :)

It's really weird today, like a constant screaming in my head, you know like a baby crying and crying and crying and crying and crying (you get the picture) then the baby settles a bit and you think yes! then off it goes again crying and crying and crying.

I'm going to have to do as much reading as possible today



I treat my nic demon like a kid having a tantrum if you ignore it enough it will sulks mine sits in a corner and every so often tries to get my attention by having a tantram but as lonh as i ignore him he will soon go back to sulking

Try finding something that you enjoy doing that help passes the time mine was playing online poker not for real money though sometimes when i win loads of money ;) i wish it was but sitting in a virtual room full of people to chat and joke with soon passes the time mind reading and posting on also helps and for me reading the posts of people just starting on there quit and bringing back those memories :eek: reminds me and helps me to stay on this road im on

Hugs xx


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