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Day 12

Day 12

Morning all, day off from work so I thought I would give you an update!

So we( the hubby and I) have reached day 12, both still have our heads intact and are still quite civil to each other.

Just joking everyone,all is fine in the Howard household!!!

I have had a couple of bad days but have not given in to that little devil trying to tempt me!!!

Sense of smell is getting better and better as is the taste of things, getting fit and keeping busy by bike riding, so another 10 miles last night,that makes me feel good!!

So this is just to say to everyone,keep it up,we can beat this if we look at it a day at a time!!!

Lack of sleep,which I have previously posted on is still no better by the way! I have taken herbal sleep tablets 2 nights when I had to work and did sleep with those but jeez did I sweat during the night or what!!! No sleeping pills last night and no sleep,well clock watching all night!! Hubby is the same so its all to do with not smoking,but we can get through this!!!

On the + side,my hair feels lovely,my skin is better I feel more awake even though I have not been sleeping,energy levels are zooming!!!

Bye for now fellow quitters


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Thats a great positive post and the fact you wilbe entering week two sat is brill

Onwards and upwards



Thanks Carol,have to say that this forum has greatly helped!!

So Thanks everyone



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