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No Smoking Day
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Day One again

Hi...what a good forum

Today I have decided to stop smoking again. I gave up on boxing day for 11 days without too many issues and then when the first stress arrived into my life I stupidly thought by having a cigarette the problem would magically go away. Unfortunately this was followed by another cigarette and then another and in a just a few days I am back to smoking the same number as before. The problems did NOT go away....surprise surprise. I cannot understand why I thought that they would...I think it went something like....if I could release the part of my brain that was being devoted to giving up smoking I would be able to give the problems at hand my full attention. I suppose it did in a way...but I think it was more to do with ME allowing my brain to concentrate on the problems and nothing to do with whether I smoked or not. The problems upset me just as much as they would have done if I had smoked....I still constantly thought about them and stressed about them. In fact my brain then got taken over with the thoughts like...'well am I going to carry on smoking or give stopping another try' as well. Smoking did NOTHING to solve the problems.

So today I have thrown all remaining cigarettes in the bin, applied a nrt patch to my arm and have decided to stop again. I will not be put off by one little slip...........I CAN do this.. I WANT to do this... I WILL do this. LIFE IS TOO SHORT NOT TO DO THIS


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Sue dont beat yourself up about what happened before its in the past

Just concentrate on this quit and remember you will get as much support as you need from this forum so when you get a craving if your able come and post on here it will help keep mind and hands busy

Onwards and upwards is the way to go



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