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Seems impossible

As of now, I'm extremely surprised that I have actually made it this far without smoking-20 days. When i went on my vacation to Africa, I decided that I'd finally kick this nasty habit. Since I've actually gotten back into my regular routine (in my first week of regular routine right now) it has become extremely hard. I get feelings of depression, and sometimes I almost slip into having one, but I always stop myself. I'm scared that at the right moment, ill let my guard down and slip back into cigs. I'm on gum at the moment which seems to be helping, but I'm worried that I'm just gunna go back to the habit of killing myself slowly. How long until the cravings aren't so persistent?

Overall, I feel much better. My lungs don't hurt, I'm not coughing up nasty black and brown colours, and I feel like I'm not tired all the time. With all this said, I'm still extremely worried I'll slip back into this habit, even though I'm being very persistent in not putting myself in the situation to start again. I hope all this is normal, and I'm not repeating myself too much. But, I'm very concerned, and this is my only method of talking about this enormous pressure that occupies my mind quite often. Thanks,

The Non Smoker

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Well done on reaching day 20 :) what your going through is natural to quitting it will get easier honestly

Just remember to keep mind and hands busy when your having a craving it helps to distrate the brain

Onwards and upwards is the way to go



The psychological triggers are pretty bad, yes. I find they're worse when I'm bored, so the goal is to always be busy!


It seems that even when I do stay busy, my mind still wanders off to having another smoke. Hopefully these psychological triggers get easier to deal with soon.


I hope so too. So far, they're getting stronger, not weaker. Although my desire to actually go and buy tobacco remains the same (zero!).


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