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Tired and sick

Hi everyone

I am currently on day 9 and am using patches.

I am so tired and nearly fell asleep at my desk today, i have zero concentration. Is this normal?

I also have waves of feeling sick, to the point my mouth waters and i get a spinning feeling. Only lasy for 20 seconds or so then i feel ok.

And my belly, its so bloated i could easily pass as being pregnant lol.


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Hey Jen

From reading this forum, all are common withdrawl symptoms.

From my personal giving up, I was totally shattered for first week. I am on day 11 and my energy levels are improving day by day so hopefully you will experience that in next day or two

Good luck and keep going!


Hi Jen

What you are going through is normal...Im on day 11 and stopped using patches & puffer thing 3 days ago. I didnt think it was doing anygood tbh. I found the sleepless nights & anxiety attacks the toughest, it does get easier, as everyone keeps telling me take one day at a time.

Im still finding it tough.:(


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