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76 days - Fatter but smoke free and still got my tooth

Says it all in the title really ;)

I've put on a stone in 10 weeks. When my thighs start rubbing together I've told myself I'll do something about it...which is not far off!

Also, I went to my dentist on monday and found out some great news. One of my bottom, front teeth was loose before christmas. The dentist thought the tooth was loose due to gum disease exacerbated by smoking....well anyway after a good clean and keeping off the fags. I've saved the tooth from falling out!!!!!!

Woohoo....I can't believe new healthier gums, helped by a boosted blood supply from not smoking...has stabilised the tooth. I'm chuffed, I was really upset I might loose one off my front teeth. Very conspicuous...this not smoking m'larkey although hard at times just reaps loads of benefits. This definately outweighs the fat I've put on. I can always loose the flab but loosing a tooth is permanent.

Keep with your quits guys, you may not feel a difference but I can tell you that by day 76, I feel like a new person and although this is a heavier person...I feel like I'm way fitter and look better than I ever did when I was smoking. So don't quit quitting it is worth it in the long run!

All the best Lisa x

P.S. I have never eaten as much as I do now....ever. I'm shocked at the amount I poo now!?!

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Fan-dabie-dozie Lisa! And a great attitude towards the weight gain, me worrying about weight gain has ruined over quits but now I have resided to the fact that my butt has it's own post code and before long will have it's own street name. But I will sort that when I'm ready...

Now I've poured you a vodka, let's celebrate your achievement and here's to your pearly whites :D




3 months done your doing so well great to hear you saved your tooth

:eek: scarey thought about losing one through smoking especially a front one

Gaining weight isnt a very nice side effect i dont dare get on the scales atm :(

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Hugs xx


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