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Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself!! I'm Ang, and I'm currently on day 2 (well 1 day, 21 hours and 31 minutes according to my iphone app!!!) of what will hopefully be the rest of my life!! I've tried cold turkey a few times but always fallen off the wagon pretty quick (within the day), and I'm trying patches this time through a 12 week programme at my local pharmacy... So far so good, I'm amazed at how much the patches are reducing my cravings, but I have been using an inhalator from time to time when the cravings are severe as I'm really missing the old hand to mouth action... Feeling really positive at the moment, this is the first time I can honestly say I''m quitting because I want to, and I really want to be free once and for all!!! Anyway, thanks for reading, and I apologise in advance for my overuse of exclamation marks, I'm pretty excited at the moment

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Hi Ang, joiningg this forum has helped me day by day and im not far in front of you so keep it going and take it on a day by day basic.


Thanks! Yeah, taking a day at a time (or an hour at a time sometimes!!) and try to keep myself busy and stay positive. Reading through this forum has really helped, it's good to know so many more of you are going through the same, and keep finding more reasons to stay stopped in every post!! Keep up the good work, your doing amazing, I've tried cold turkey but always fallen off with the "just one to get me through this craving" bullsh*t, kidding myself... take care


Hi Ang :) great to have you join us

Being part of this forum is such a boost it helped me soo much knowing that there was someone who understood what i was going through posting and reading the posts will keep mind and hands busy which you need to do when your having a crave

Sorry if ive made any typpos im having to use my phone atm for this found out earlier that even though i love coffee umm my keyboard to my computer doesnt :eek:

Im just hoping it wilbe ok once its dried out

Onwards and upwards is the way to go



Ha funny that, my keyboard didn't seem to like red wine a while back, went in a huff for a while but came round in the end!

Glad I found this site, it's really helping to keep me motivated... Day 3 almost done, bring on day 4!!


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