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Day 12!!!

Today is day 12 of quitting smoking cold turkey. I will admit that I feel much better than last week but still hurting so any words of encouragement would be absolutely great. How long should I expect to feel disoriented and spacey? I feel like my mood and energy levels have greatly increased and I def notice that I am more sensitive to smells and tastes, which is pretty cool. However, I still constantly think about smoking. Next semester of school begins next week and I will admit that I am a bit worried because school is where I normally smoked the most cigarettes. Anyways just seeing if anyone out there can relate or maybe has something wise and encouraging for us struggling nicotine addicts......

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Just keep going! I am trying to get started at all! but did stop for 12 yrs plus until 2 years ago. I went through loads of stress in those years and surrounded by smokers, and it never occurred to me to have one. Try and visualise yourself back at college in those situations and not smoking, before you go back. It will help you make it a real thing for when you do go back. You've got this far, nothing can stop you now x


and the disorientated spacey thing, plus thinking about fags all the time is all part of the mental panic and addiction. It's not physical, honest. Give it another couple of weeks and you'll start feeling normal in your head!


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