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masked health issues

Hi all and Happy new year,

I just wanted to let you know i am still smoke free 79 days!!!

I also wanted to say sorry for not being on much lately but been a bit busy as i have just found out that i have an underlying health issue that may have been masked by my smoking for years, When i first gave up smoking as you will know i was really struggling and was finding it more and more difficult, I have been unable to eat solid food for about half of my quit and just thought it was due to withdrawls, It was'nt it looks like i have a blowout in my esophagus, i am still unsure as to what any off this means but it is being dealt with now.

Basically what i wanted to say was i feel more positive about quit now i know the eating problem, still tasting smoke and smelling like a smoker still (as far as im concerned everything stinks of smoke) is not making my quit easier but i have made it this far even my doc was suprised that with the added stress of all these symptoms i am still a non smoker as it would be easier to say s#d it whats the point.

however if i hadnt quit i may never have known (in time) about my illness so thank my lucky stars i did and if i can get this far with extra stress i know im never going back so alls well that ends well.

good luck all on quits keep up the good work.

jenni xx

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Hi Jennifluff - congratulations on your quit!!

Sorry to hear about your health problem, is this something that could have been caused by smoking and do they know what they can do about it?



Hi Tinkerbell, thankyou.

They not said much yet and wont until next thurs when i have camera done nose and throat. so just a waiting game for now was just told what it seemed to be so may be something different lol, just wanted to say its made me grateful that i quit or i would never have known.

keep up you quit

jenni x


:eek: good luck with that!! and if you want to then please let me know how you get on...:)


Thank you Jenni for your good wishes, I hope everything works out well for you too, big big hugs x


Aw, Jenni, how rotten for you - but well done for seeing the 'bright side' and for NOT letting the stress de-rail your quit. That is AWESOME.

I hope they'll get the problem sorted out for you soon, and that meanwhile you're treating yourself in other (non food-related!) ways - you certainly deserve it.

Good luck with the tests - keep us posted,




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