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Day Four

Hi everyone,

I'm on day four and I'm using ecigs. I feel much better today but have been very snappy with hubby and kids, had to apologise in advance when I first quit!

I gave up before for three years a after one NLP hypnosis session costing around £300 :eek:

What I don't understand is that if nicotine produces such horrible withdrawal symptoms, which I have experienced this time around, why did I experience none with hypnosis. I didn't think about cigarettes apart from the occasional 'ooh it's time for a fag, oh - I don't smoke!'

What I'm trying to say is that how much of the pain and suffering we feel is psychological .. is nicotine really the cause of it? Surely if it is nicotine that is responsible I should have been agitated wooly headed emotional and all the other things you feel when giving up? I felt nothing but happiness and pity for smokers.

I really don't know the answer to that one :confused:

Sadly, I had one cigarette three years later after a major argument with a family member and it started the cycle of self abuse again!

So back to now, I may try hypnosis again to get off the ecigs at some point, but at the moment they're working for me and I'm not using them nearly as much as I would cigarettes.

Wishing every one good luck

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