Day 11

I orginally made my thread in day 4-7 for some reason so I will make this one instead.

^ this is my previous topic. I will paste my day 11 post in here

I would appreciate it if someone replied

I am now onto Day 11. Feel like a smoke today, I just need to get away from my desk and when I did that I used to smoke.

I couldn't find my nicotine thing this morning and paniced. I feel like this is a bad sign of relying on it :( I did however find it just in time.

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  • Hey.... yes, you haven't broken the nicotine addiction, so of course you're still going to experience all of the side effects of withdrawl in the usual way, whenever you don't get your fix. You are substituting one lot of psychological triggers (for cigs) for another (your replacement). That's why I didn't use NRT. But I'm guessing it's good that you aren't smoking actual ciggies and well done on getting this far!

    It's really tough this quitting malarky. Really tough! You should be woken up by a round of applause every morning you managed to make it through the previous day without smoking.

    Whenever I feel like crap, I try to view a few of that strange looking man's videos at Although I can't take him totally seriously as he's a never-smoker, he seems to know quite a lot about what it's like to be one, and to quit. Anyway watching one of these vids has so far reinforced my determination when it's wavering, which it has been on and off since I stopped.

  • it matters not a jot if you are relying on your NRT that's what it's there for.....this addiction we have cannot be under's ferocious and pervading and takes over every rational thought we ever had.......quitting is bloody difficult .....but little steps make for great big strides....... one minute at a time is all we can do some days but that's's a minute in the right direction.....

    Hang in there you CAN do this :)


  • Hi, thanks for the replies :)

    I know I am addicted to nicotine, I just didn't realise I would panic like that. It was not a happy thought in my brain when I was searching the house for my plastic nicotine replacement only to find it was already in my bag.

    I'm getting rid of the habit of having a cig, I just need rid of the nicotine habit next :(

  • Pt5

    Day 107:

    Take it one day at a time. Never quit quitting

  • Just been thinking about Day 1 of my quit....thought I'd share it with you Day 1'ers........

    I'm a nurse and on Day 1 I had applied a patch (to my arm) on this particular day I was in school with my colleagues immunizing Year 8 pupils....

    I was really pleased to be distracted, then out of the blue....I felt something slide off my arm....and land on the floor :eek:now according to my colleagues I let out a squeal and fell to my knees like a woman possessed....bemoaning the fate of my squidged patch :rolleyes: I had to go home after the session and reapply another one!!!!! Now I'm chuckling to myself writing this ......but honestly it felt like my world had ended at the time.......:eek:

    So guys hang in really does get better...small steps at a time.....


    Yup I get where you're coming from...... I left home without my mini lozenges yesterday and nearly cried lol

    Michelle :)

  • Yup I get where you're coming from...... I left home without my mini lozenges yesterday and nearly cried lol

    Michelle :)

    Your quote made me laugh, thanks :D I can sit in the house and not even think about it, but as soon as I leave the house and I can't find it I go crazy :p

    and thanks for all the other posts :o

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