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Urrrgh That Stinks

i am currently on day 10 not including my very minor slip up on sat nite of half a ciggarette, but i feel so much better than the first week, im hardly thinking about it anymore, my collegue at work just went out for a fag and when she came back she stank of smoke, when i was a smoker this never botherred me but i now realise just how bad it smells, i feel sorry for my wife now who has been putting up with me smelling like that for the last 7 yrs, im rocking on to the 14day mark

IT HAS BEEN ---------------------10DAYS 8HRS 38MINS

I HAVE SAVED --------------------£17.05

I HAVN'T SMOKED ----------------62 CIGGARETTES


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Good job mate, I know what you mean about colleagues coming back inside & stinking, can be difficult to say something though!


I dunno why, but I read that "on day 10" as "on 10 a day" :p.

Well done anyway!


well done on your quit, i know how you feel as my 20yr old daughter visits fortnightly for the weekend and yukkkkkkkkkkky, although its different with us as i just call her stinky lol.

im hoping she will follow suit and quit soon but obviously i cant make her.

keep going it gets better

jenni x


lol sometimes it's really hard NOT to face must say it all :rolleyes:

STINKY fag smell then I used to spray expensive perfume to 'mask' it.....yeh right :eek:

s'pose we've all been there lol



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