No Smoking Day
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Hooray and Yahoo!!


Got through day 1! Mainly through checking web sites, playing on the Ipad etc yesterday evening, and just trying to distract myself. Will take the dogs for a good walk this evening.

Thanks very much to Steelfixer, Razzmattazz, Helenl and Tinkerbell for their good wishes and advice -it really DOES help!!!! Hope you are all doing OK!

So, I have this little mental image which helps:

I'm driving to a carpark in the pouring rain in the Lake District, but know that the weather forecast is for a beautiful day later. I don't want to get out of the car because I know I'll get soaked, cold and miserable, but also know it wil be worth it when the sun comes out. I think about going home, or waiting till later, but in the end I do get out of the car. I get wet and cold, and think about going back into the car. But when I'm actually out there it is not as bad as I think, and I start feeling pleasure that I stood up to the conditions and didnt chicken out. Slowly the rain eases, the sky starts to clear, and the sun starts appearing - the clouds lift and the mountains are all around me.

I'm out of the car now, pleased I got out, getting pretty wet, but I know if I can hack it for a few more days the rain will start easing off.....

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Good job mate, keep up the good work!!


well done :Dand def keeping mind and hands busy helps keep your mind distracted from the craving keep posting and reading as they def keep hands and mind busy :D

onwards and upwards is the way to go




this is also my second day of not smoking and stumbled across this site and after reading thought i would add my thoughts so far.

i had my last one monday pm , the defining moment for me was after filling my car up with fuel, i went to pay and automatically asked for a packet. i then looked at the £7.45 price and even suprised myself by telling the girl at the till to put them back. .

yesterday was suprisingly easy infact i am dissapointed it wasnt more difficult.i was expecting to suffer in some way more , thnk i feel better after not smoking after 1 day , certainly breath easier. ( i may have convinced myself of that )

but today im obsessed the constant want of something is annoying like a whinging child after an ice cream tugging at your leg but with no ice cream van in site ,, i am not at the" i want to commit mass murder stage" as some have got to but after reading through some experiences on here i imagine its not going to be plain sailing.

ill keep reading this forum daily and remind myself , it costs a fortune its slowly killing me and after almost 20 a day for 30 years its time to grow up .

Good luck to everyone else on day 1 or 2



Nice one Gavinj and kmh

Good mental image Gavinj and yes I'm doing OK, still feeling tired and drained but I know this storm will lift ;)

kmh - welcome to the forums, one of my main reasons is the money I refuse to spend that money and have nothing but a dirty pair of lungs to show for it. I'd much rather go on a nice foreign holiday :) Have a read through the links on my signature they will help - as someone on here once said - Knowledge is Power and it is.

Looking forward to seeing your daily, week posts.

All the best to the both of you, it's going to be one hell of a party in the Penthouse next year at this rate.


loving the image thing what a wonderful way of putting it and in the mean time we will all be your umbrella.

keep going

jenni x



thanks for your encouragement

Yes Holidays thats a coincidence just been looking them up, i could have another two weeks on a hot sunny greek island for what i spend yearly , i am determined this time

For what it sworth ill add an update weekly etc. In fact finding this forum has been worhwhile. I Am Married to a non smoker who has never smoked so doesent really understand the addictive nature .. so i have decided to keep my not smoking to myself until it becomes obvious.

thanks again kmh



i could have another two weeks on a hot sunny greek island for what i spend yearly

My sentiments precisely!!

I have told my close family, friends and colleagues that I have quit so that when I bite their heads off they know why - or do I just use it as an excuse to bite their heads off :D

Looking forward to following your progress :)


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