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Feel ( apart from a couple of days ) am going into depression on day 10,feel like the last 10 days have been like 10 years,every moment am thinking of smoking,its exhausting apart from anything.I am not normally down like this,have my off days like everyone but am a happy person on the whole.I know its all withdrawal from the fags,but not sure how long I can go like this,have been awful with the kids,am crying for no real reason,should I go to the docs?I actually took one of my bfs sleeping tabs last night as I can't stand craving all evening,dread waking up to feel like shit again,have been bike riding,eating healthy,have e cigs,really trying to do things to help,just every moment is a living hell,am I being a drama queen?so close to going in the garden for one,dont wanna fail but can't carry on like this,am scared!.Any advice? x x

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You're not a drama queen Mumi.

There are so many posts on this forum about peoples mood changes when giving up smoking...crying, sadness, sense of's almost like grief. I've experienced it myself, especially on my "big" quit many years ago. I gave up then by hypnosis, so no nicotine at all. It's a shock to the system. I cried ALOT!!

Even taking nicotine substitutes, you're still experiencing a massive change in your life/habits/rituals, but it's worth it, isn't it?

You're doing lots of healthy things which is great, so keep that up. Remember why you wanted to quit. Keep posting here.

Maybe you'll have to accept you feel like this. It's normal, not nice, but normal. If you can accept it and be kind to yourself, you'll get through it.

You WILL! And it will get better. I promise.

Keep believing you're doing the right thing, take one moment at a time and you'll get there.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.



ps. Be careful with the sleeping tablets.


i was like you at the start cying, feeling like my life was over etc but you know what if you dig in your heels and get through this hard bit it will get easier and my life is far from over now i am a different person a better person

all these symptoms are normal and will get easier to manage i swear read through some posts knowledge is power

stay strong you are free now



Aw thanks so much guys.I did have 1 fag last night,I just had to.I am not worrying about it,am not making a big deal about it,apart from learning from has not made me want to start again and infact has done me alot of good physicologicaly.For me personally its the "can never have a fag again" thing that is too much to think about.I have been thinking about it in totally the wrong way.Now am thinking,there is a packet of fags in the drawer ( ok alot of people have said chuck them,get them out of the house,lighters,etc,but for me thats the worst thing,I need to know they are there,even if I don't want to smoke,my step dad carried a pack in his coat pocket for a year when he quit ),I know they are there so do not have to panic.I also know I really do not want to smoke them at all lol.It sounds crazy maybe,but I am not ready yet to say I will never smoke again ( but I feel positive after last nights blip that I wont ).Not sure if I am making an sense.Thanks for advice means alot x x x


I understand keeping some there - I did this a couple of quits. I was reassured I could have one if I needed to, and proud that I did not! Have not done the same this time, did not want any around me, partly as this quit has been harder for me and I know if some were about I would smoke them!

Weird how one person can have it differently each time! Last time my attitude was "It is not as if I cannot just go to the store, so no point getting rid of them" whereas this time I have actually left the house to go to the store for cigs once, but turned around at the end of the drive (we have a long drive!), so I think if I had some nearby I would have been doomed!

Each to their own, and each to what works at any given time - only you know, and only you can protect your quit!


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