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Day 37 - had a few blips recently!

Hi all,

On to day 37 of my quit, well I probably shouldn't count it as that anymore as I've smoked twice since in the last 4 days. I won't be going back but I have my reasons for smoking those two (in a way). I probably shouldn't be coming across about this in such a happy way but what else do I have? It's worst to feel down about it and it becoming a much worst problem.

I suffer from pretty bad depression and anxiety and have for a long time. Wouldn't be surprised if the reason for starting was because of it.

I quit through the most severe part of it to prove I could actually do something with my life :) Fortunately I am winning with it but it's been pretty bad recently as I'm having a lot of anxiety and finding that the 2 I've had have been very self medicating however disgusting to smoke!

Anyway, tomorrow brings new hope and I will try extra hard to not keep having these blips, I know they couldn't make be go back but it would be annoying to be having the odd one every now and again.

Maybe I need to read Allen Carr's book again to just seal the deal once and for all :)

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hello there robin i also suffer from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc etc

smoked like a chimney literally for years if u want instead of allen carrs book theres now the dvd and audio book i can give u the down load links if u want them



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Hi Robin

I also suffer from depression (I'm bipolar and OCD), and I understand your reasons completely -- it happened to me too, but I just forgot about it and carried on. I haven't smoked since and, if anything, have found it much easier since it happened. I wouldn't worry about it. Some would disagree, but I believe it was a good thing it happened -- if it hadn't, I may have folded completely (it set-off a chain of events which made me stronger and made it easier for me). In short, I recognised it, learned from it, and turned it to my advantage.

Like Gra (my quit buddy) I used to smoke like the industrial revolution, and like yourself I believe that the reason I smoked so much was strongly influenced by my state of mood.

Here's a quote from an article I wrote recently -- I'm really not sure if it's mine, though, or I heard it somewhere else:

'Everyone makes mistakes. We have to. If we didn't, we'd never learn from them -- and we'd never achieve anything.'

Good luck with your quit -- you will get there, I'm sure. If I can do it, anyone can.


hello there legs good to see u back posting

heres a thought as we seem to be in a similar position (myself, Legs and Robin) in our own ways in the mental health system im just wondering what sort of disposition does that put us in as far as

1- how many we were chain smoking

2 - how we are handling our quits

do we suffer any more than others considering smoking is mainly a mental addiction as opposed to a physical one - by this i mean we have been quit for awhile now day 45 for me (totally smober 45 days but certainly do not and would not hold a few blips against anyone as far as im concerned it would be a case of what blips) back on topic lol as i was saying we have been nicotine free long enough now that we could not possibly be going through any more physical cravings therefore the only cravings we would now be going through would be mental cravings ........ just a thought i know i have been so so so close to falling of late but i find rewatching allen carr dvd helps (legs if your interested ive got some download links for easyway)

in conclusion i guess so far i really dont have one its just interesting food for thought what do u think let me know any thoughts to it (also just fought off another craving while rabbiting on lol

i think we have all done excellently well in our quits

well done to us



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