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Day 10, still knackered

Hi All

Hope everyone is well.

Day 10 today. Dont want to smoke, but I am still knackered. Struggled to get to sleep last night, so no surprise really. Not sure what else I can do but just ride it and hope it starts getting better.

Long drive to a big meeting for work tomorrow so I am hoping for a better nights sleep tonight!

Take care all

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Hi Ben

Stick with it though because it is soooo worth it, are you using NRT, Champix or CT?

I believe stopping smoking is such a life change, you feel shattered, but your brain cannot believe you've cut off the supply so works overtime, hence lack of sleep.

It does get better, honest it does!!

Keep positive and drive carefully



Thanks Sara

I have gone cold turkey. I dont mind the feeling knackered so much, its the looking tired and drawn out i dont like. I have been here before on a previous quit but can not remember then when I got my energy back, maybe after week 2 or something.

Anyway, thanks for your comments!


Hi Ben,day 10 for me too,feeling more tired everyday..hope it goes soon,suprisingly still not craving,just the odd moment here and there. Hows ur cravings?> x


Hey Clare

Well done on day 10.

I am not really getting cravings as such, I know something is missing and I should be doing something but its not too bad.

I am hungry constantly but I have that under control, fruit and salads are the way forward. I make the calories up with the weekend beer :-)

It is just this tiredness I am struggling with....but as you say I am hoping this will soon be over with!


Not sleeping!

Hey there fellow insomniacs!!!

Just to let you know you are not the only one and I read the the bodies best time for healing is when we sleep so I think my body has loads to heal so I will eventually get loads of sleep!!!

Good bit of lateral thinking there!!

So it is day 10 for myself and the hubby,our new years resolution, both cold turkey and both still not killed each other ,lol....Joke....seriously,keep up the good work everyone,stay focused and look forward to more posts to read, xx



zzzzzzzzzzz i could sleep now but as soon as i move to my bed...wide awake!

anyway, its starting to make me smile now, double figures now and well on the way to 2 weeks. Had a swift pint on the way home to wish a mate a happy birthday. Didnt really think about smoking.

glad you and your hubby havent murdered each other yet Jackie.

Lets hope for some lovely sleep tonight


Well done on getting to double figures...

I am sure I read yesterday that quitting smokng has an affect on blood sugar and vitamin c levels :confused: this could effect your energy levels?

I also read on here that people have found glucose tablets helpful.

All the best


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