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my first week nearly done

Morning all..... at 11pm tonight i will have completed a whole full painstakingly long emotionally overwhelming astonishing exhilarating WEEK OF NO SMOKING for the first time in 22 years. I applaud my little self for strength of mind and spirit, its bin ard xxxx good luck y'all. Its thanks to sharing and reading everyone else's dilemmas and feeling not quite so alone in my conquest xx :D

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Superb Helen and nice one for getting that far :) some great words in the above and going through it now i can relate to everyone one of them lol keep going, you'll soon hit the end of week two.


Well done Helen! a week is a pretty good milestone hitting my week at 6am tomorrow and am more than a little excited. Cravings still strong though. Lets look forward to week 2! woooop


hay!!! thanks for your words of support. I feel like going out and getting thoroughly pi$$ed to celebrate but am really rather cautious of venturing into the world of alcohol as yet so will prob celebrate with a glass of fizzy water for now in the comfort of me own ome :( rock and roll!!! keep up the good work xxx


oooh im having wine tomorrow to celebrate my week off of the weed. Had a whole bottle on Friday last and made it through. Little demons still dance in my brain most of the day though, looking forward to kicking them into touch. Keep going - we can and we will do this!


Well done!! A week is a a Biggie!! Cant wait to get there myself!



very positive post :)

onwards and upwards is the way to go



whoooooooooohooooo well done you

That is brilliant :)

Keep up the good work



Nice one on this great milestone :)

Yes I would go and get throughly rat arsed...ummm maybe not ;) I understand the association between drinking and smoking. Although if I drank too much I didn't tend to smoke as much as I couldn't hold the fag :o

Maybe we should have a virtual party in the month 1 all the January quitters can join in as they are completing their first month, any excuse for a knees up :)


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