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The itching... oh the itching!!

My god... I won't bore you with my original reasons for quitting as they're all pretty text book (like not wanting to die too soon) but I'm on day 8 now and doing great.

Sleep is getting a bit better (I've quit weed too so that's been a bit chaotic at night... reading till 3am does the job) and cravings are minimal (I'm craving chocolate more... I'm taking a break from that for a bit - normally a daily idulgence) but my god am I itchy!!

My hands/fingers and feet are taking the brunt of it, along with my nostrils which is infuriating... can't even explain how annoying it is. Literally all over I itch throughout the day without respite. Apparently circulation improving?

Well I've just turned 26, I'm 5'11 and I weigh 10st 11lbs so I'm not over weight or particularly unfit - so if I've managed to get myself unhealthy enough to the point of having circulation so bad that it has to repair itself now I've quit.... that scares me! Shouldn't happen at my age!

So yeah, there's another reason to quit.


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Hiya Matt I've been exactly the has driven me MAD :rolleyes:

The upside? It took my mind off smoking a fag......for a while anyway :eek:

It does get better ....honest



Aaah I'm sure it will - as I say, it's having very positive effects! Rather than "if I smoke the itching might stop" I'm thinking "when the itching stops I'll know my blood is actually getting around my body properly"

In a way it's a constant reminder not to smoke so it's not so bad, I just had to vent! My colleagues must think I don't wash, or have some sort of skin disease...

thanks for the encouragement, glad you're doing well! Also what's the NOPE group?



lol disease ridden :rolleyes:

N.O.P.E = not one puff ever, I joined the November N.O.P.E'rs when I quit.....its a great support as you're all at the same stage of quitting.

I never thought I'd get so much support in cyberland but it has really boosted me when I'm struggling.

Good luck with your quit :)


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