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day 9

day 9 . for those that don't know i was on day 99 on new years eve but got drunk and smoked a couple of roll ups and ended back at the start. so really in terms of craves and withdrawal i am well ahead of the game . i still feel like i have stopped for 108 days and that couple of roll ups did not do anything to my quit. anyway what i am saying is i won't be feeling the same as a fresh 9 day quitter . make of this as you like.

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Hey pfaber,

I know exactly what you mean, and I don't think of you as a day 9 quitter either. Two rollies was only a blip. You were never really back to day 1 as you wouldn't have had day 1 withdrawals from two rollies, and mentally you are still in month 4 and physically too. You have not lost what you gained healthwise and psychologically from two smokes, and not moneywise either. So put yourself back in month 4 dude, cos you done good :D

Happy New Year and stay positive cos you are good for this forum.



Totally agree with Zoe,you really arent on day 9,get outa here lol. x x


Hi I agree you are not a fresh day niner my next point is not a criticism of you having a blip it is a reflection on my weakness and me looking for excuse to smoke...point being..if I have two roll wont make me have physical wont mean I have to break a habit and it wont affect me psychologically????? So I can have two cigs and then stop harm done...oh harm this time and dont b hard on yourself but lets remind ourselves no puff ever. Gud luck :)


No noreen,

i didn't mean it is okay to have two rollies again and again and again, that would be a relapse and return to addiction. But two rollies ONCE in 108 days quit - is a different story. Do you see where I am coming from??

Sorry pfaber, I meant to help you here, but it looks like I have made things worse. :(

Zoe :o


Day 106


Get outta here, you know where you belong, your 2 days in front of me.

Never quit quitting


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