No Smoking Day
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I'm here, week 2!!!!!

Hi Folks,

My 9th day of being without the demon and I'm still here - good to see those who have made it to week 2 with me and well done to you. I'm proud of getting here and I hope you are too. Thanks for all of the encouragement too; its really fab to read the comments and know that others are routing for me too.

Didn't get to post yesterday as it was an incredibly busy day. I now have a really shiney car, inside and out and it is amazing what we found lurking in there too - my Raybans that had been missing for a year, crisps and chocolate from 2005 - you get the picture. My hubby has done a fab job, thank you sweetie! Now its a pixie-sty rather than a pig-sty!!!!!

Today is studio cleaning day as everything seems to have migrated into there over Christmas so that should keep me well busy!

:mad:Am still craving though and this seems to stay with me for most of the day. It is like a feeling of something missing rather than five minutes of I'm desperate for a fag and I do catch myself thinking, ok, will do x, y, z after I have a fag. I haven't given in to it, but do wish this would go away.

The cough is slowly disappearing but am still bringing up grot and my breathing at night seems easier. Yesterday I realised that my sense of taste and smell seems to be coming back and found out that sugar puffs really are horrible.

Still breathless though but I guess this one will take a while to go, especially as I am overweight anyway.

Am sleeping really well and do feel tired - have caught myself nodding in front of the tv in the evenings, which is not like me at all. I have a theory about this one - the best healing process for your body is sleep, so maybe this is your body's way of healing the effects of years of smoking???

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thats so good to see did you find any gold or money though when your hubby was cleaning it :p i should imagine the chocolate was abit rank after sitting there through all the hot and cold weather surprised it hadnt melted and left nasty stains mind you the smell would be a sort of comfort hehe unless of course you were in a I WANT CHOCOLATE NOW MOOD

your doing so well and those times will start to get weaker and weaker if you were to think to yourself and rate your cravings 1 to 10 from day one till now you would see that most of them have come down from 100 as thats what its like in the beginning just go and re read your first posts that will bring back the inital memories you were having back then

and yes there is something missing in your mind not your body as thats all it is your mind association it takes longer for the mind to accept that things have changed keeping it busy will help it re adjust

onwards and upwards is the way

you can do this


Nicotine is a stimulant though, so that might be something to do with it. I mean it isn't as if your body suddenly says, "OK, you've quit smoking, so I better start repairing now". It's continually trying to do that even when you are smoking - it just can't catch up until you quit.


Keep on trucking

Hey Pixie....well done you!!

Big applause and a nice smelling car is so lush when you get into it.

Keep positive



A BIG thank you folks for your continued support xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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